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Why AbacusMaster’s franchise?

We believe that technology has the potential to transform what’s possible in Abacus education along with the traditional proven methods. AbacusMaster's curriculum includes several innovative technological aids like Anzan Audio/ Video visualization practice, worksheets generator, virtual abacus and computer based tests which will accelerate and strengthen student's capability of visualizing abacus movements in their mind. With more than a decade, the brand has established international chain of year-round learning centers where children go to improve their Abacus and overall cognitive skills. Each franchised centre utilizes the AbacusMaster’s developed method and curriculum that has been created through over 10 years of classroom experience and research.

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What our franchises say about us

Most of our franchisees tell us that an important factor in choosing AbacusMaster is the continuous support and guidance that we provide in terms of training, materials, administration, marketing, advertisement and continuous development.

Our franchisees are passionate in the field of teaching and they all are proud to own a business that makes a real difference. The feedback from our existing franchises says that they have not found any uniqueness with other education franchisors, and they don’t like one or more of the following factors: high initial fees, hidden fees, lack of support, huge investment per location, unfair territories, complicated business models and monotonous nature of training.

At AbacusMaster, we give priority on overall cognitive skill development through Abacus and other after-school skill development programs. Our experts utilise our proprietary teaching materials and techniques to deliver a learning plan designed to address each student's needs. Our technology based education approach goes beyond traditional Abacus method to develop understanding and build a love for Abacus.

The program helps to expand the math and cognitive skills of students, with Abacus and other learning modules, and this will be reflected in their academic performance as well.

Customer support

Our staff is positive, kind, caring and receptive – and we make you feel like you are part of AbacusMaster extended family. Once the franchise allocation has been done, you will receive all the necessary tools to manage a centre that are powerful, flexible, and scale to meet the needs of Abacus training industry.

We have a passionate team who are available on a 24 * 7 basis to provide you necessary support and guidance.

Our support team role includes,

  • Personalised centre website to showcase activities, highlights and contact details.
  • Provide adequate Abacus training.
  • Provide training on how to use the franchise administration portal.
  • Dedicated social media manager to spread the word.
  • Provide softcopy of all the marketing materials including brochures, flyers, email templates, standees and other social media posters regularly.
  • Available on Phone, Skype, Whatsapp or Email.
  • Provide marketing and sales coaching.
  • Contact Franchisees on a quarterly basis to know the needs.
  • Send yearly feedback form to get franchise inputs.
  • Monthly newsletter to update ‘what’s new with AbacusMaster’
  • Provide YouTube videos for marketing
  • Conduct webinars to constantly update you about the happenings
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