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Why Parents Should Encourage Abacus Learning for improved cognition and brain development for their child : A Parents' Guide


Mathematics is usually considered challenging; I always wonder about parents fretting about their children's math skills. Have you thought of possible causes for their sluggishness? There will undoubtedly be one student in every class struggling to solve the arithmetic problems. In contrast, everyone else has already found the answer.

A typical human brain possesses several capacities allowing individuals to use their abilities best. The human brain can perform calculations at the rate of one exaflop, comparable to one billion billion calculations per second. But have you considered what an Abacus-trained brain can accomplish? Let's see what happens!
What happens to normal brainy computations when abacus calculations are introduced? The answer is simple: the calculating speed increases. According to studies, an Abacus-trained brain boosts its calculation skills significantly.

As referred to earlier, the brain's left hemisphere focuses on logic, language, sequencing, and computing. In contrast, the right hemisphere focuses mostly on visualization. Students that use an abacus employ both the left and right halves of their brains.


The normal brain often fails to perform visualization for two reasons.
1. It has yet to be trained to perform such visualizations.
2. It needs a different calculating instrument to think about.

As mentioned earlier, numerical information is transmitted through nerve fibers (corpus callosum) to the right side of the brain, where it is converted into linguistic form (spatial arrangement, visuals). The information is transmitted back via the corpus callosum until it reaches the left hemisphere to complete the process. As a result of abacus arithmetic operations, whole brain development takes place. 

In performing computations, the normal human brain is supposed to acquire skills such as systematic thinking, problem-solving, sequence and pattern recognition, and so on. In the case of the Abacus, it accelerates all normal-speed calculations, whether multiplication, division, using decimal points, or any other method of computation. It improves visualization and memory power by having the student visualize the abacus tool in their mind while memorizing the count of beads and rod. Increased concentration allows students to respond swiftly, boosting their self-confidence and self-esteem. 

Helping a child during the whole-brain development process is crucial because this is the time when they most need their parent's attention and guidance. Learning demands a lot of precision and concentration, especially in arithmetic. Nevertheless, since all these concepts are new, kids always look for a shoulder to lean on when learning. The idea of learning fully depends on the child's interests, and the only way to make it persuasive is by creating an interactive and enjoyable learning environment. You must always ensure that kids are enthusiastic about studying and stay energized while in the process. The parents should concentrate on this. Both parents and teachers must meet the demand for constant support and care for children. 

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