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The much-anticipated IAO 2023 results will be released on October 15th 2023.

Wizycom’s Student Portal

The interactive learning portal is Wizycom’s flagship product for enhanced learning experience and all AbacusMaster students will get free access to its basic features. The portal is a complete learning and activity solution that combines expertise insights with latest technology advancements to deliver a personalised learning experience that is more advanced, accessible and improves student outcomes.

What does the Student Portal Includes?

All of the instructional content needed for an Abacus course — including interactive animations, text and video, practice worksheets, tools and assessments — is included in every login. Along with Abacus, many other modules are available including Spelling Bee, Puzzles, Trivias, Brain Games, Handwriting tools and a lot more.

Importance of Student Portal

Abacus, is one of that technique which requires a personalised approach to learning. In order to master the Abacus skills, students must do a lot of regular practice. The good thing about the digital learning is the ability to scale affordable access to the high quality instructions and materials even at home. Wizycom (AbacusMaster) has built the advanced, most resourceful, online platform for delivering quality embedded Abacus materials and practice tools.

Quality Driven Teachers Training:

You will start with 2 day session of online interactive Abacus training once the franchise allocation process has been completed. This is done in the comfort of your home and will prepare you for Abacus training. You will be asked to nominate a person (can nominate upto 2 people) as trainer or the franchise owner can be the master trainer.

A session for introducing other brain training modules will be taken immediately after the Abacus training session. We will conduct an induction for the trainer on how to use the AbacusMaster Training & Administration portal to make the best use of it.

Most importantly, you will be trained and supported on an ongoing basis by our dedicated franchise support team who will be there when you need help. The cost of this initial training is included in your franchise fee.

Franchise Administration Portal

This administration portal is available for all the AbacusMaster franchise centres. With this, it is easy to manage the students enrolled at your centre. It helps to organise and manage training resources and can manage the complete franchise operations including the registration of Student, fee management, customised reports, online Abacus exams, visualization practice and complete Abacus training.

Easy Management: All franchise operations like student registration, fee collection, training material delivery, student’s progress charts, reports, financials/fee collections and Online Exams are done through this portal. This makes management of the centre simple, efficient and professional.

Parent Updates: We provide quarterly feedbacks to all students through a portal and the assessment can be done by the centre co-ordinator. User-friendly interface is created for the same and the parents can easily access these feedback system. Additional features are available including stay in sync with teachers, support learning at home are also available to help students stay on track.

Exams are conducted after the completion of each level. This online exam facility is available via the training portal. The marks scored by the student shall be recorded and the progress report shall be printed at any given time by the franchise owner or administrator.

Materials & Student Kits

Centralised Online Assessment & Certification

Another highlight of Abacus Master Franchise is its Online exams. Unlike other Abacus training institutes, we host online exams after every levels which shall be monitored centrally. Exams are conducted after the completion of each level. This online exam facility is available via the trainer’s portal. The marks scored by the student shall be recorded centrally and the progress report shall be printed at any given time. Upon successful completion of each level exam/ assessment, certificates will be issued by AbacusMaster.

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