INTERNATIONAL LEVEL ONLINE ABACUS COMPETITION ( ILC ) : For students of all the AbacusMaster franchisees outside India would be held on 20th and 21st September 2019

Learning Abacus calculations can be very easy if you follow our fast paced learning tutorial. However, to master mental arithmetic skills, students must learn it in a slow paced and structured manner. Abacus requires continuous practice sessions on each topic, then only the speed and accuracy of the mental calculations can be achieved.

“The difference between an ordinary Abacus student and an extraordinary Abacus student is PRACTICE” Leveraging the experience and reputation of AbacusMaster in the ‘Abacus’ teaching World, we have incorporated a structured learning style into our first ever interactive Abacus learning portal. The program follows a structured path where each topics are covered in detail with animated video explanations, practice worksheets, Anzan videos and online exams.

It is advised to stay in each level for minimum of two months and the examination can be taken once the child is fully confident. Only after passing the examination (students can try multiple times), student will be moved to next level.