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Are you looking to bring innovation
to your Abacus education?

As an Associate Partner (AP), you will get exclusive rights to use our interactive Abacus learning portal and other after-school modules without changing your existing brandname. The learning portal will help you to convert your Abacus training into a digital one so that all your students can access the interactive features and tools that makes the Abacus learning easy and engaging during these days.

Our ideal partners are individual Abacus centers, online Abacus trainers, Freelance trainers and other After-school education providers in the education industry. With this partnership, you will be able to create new customer relationships by providing our products that are already in demand Globally.

More revenue in the business by promoting afterschool digital learning concepts.
Boost Your Returns

Generate more returns by creating a value-driven relationships with customers that help you grow your business.

varied range of products including abacus, spelling bee, puzzles, yoga, sudoku, mathematic games for children
Wide Range of Products

Students take courses, certifications largely as a means of improving cognitive skills and life skills.

latest technology enabled products and services with interactive sessions and entertaining gamification modules
World Class Technology

More than a million students have reached out to us to develop their skills, aspirations, passion and creativity.

sessions are entertaining and engaging for students due to the wide variety of learning lessons and classes
Seamless Student Experience

Brook embraces a modern look with various enhanced pre-defined page elements.

Monitoring &
Management Portal

You can intuitively operate our modules easily through a common interface. A well thought-out system that facilitates comprehensive endpoint management features.

  • Exclusive login to create customised promotional codes.
  • Track daily reports, sales and income.
  • Manage multiple modules within the portal.
  • Access to all promotional and marketing templates at one place.
  • Detailed view of incentives and bonus achieved.
  • 24 x 7 support available
management suite to monitor, configure all parameters of the afterschool educational products

Who can Apply?

Wizycom Nurture Learning Centers
Wizycom AbacusMaster Centers
Wizycom Nurture Influencers
Wizycom Abacusmaster Marketing Individuals
AbacusMaster Skill Training
Skill Training
Voactional Abacus Training
Vocational Training

Product Portfolio

Resell and get upto 30% on our products and services.

You will be able to provide special discounts and resale our online learning avenues. We will be sharing a 30% commission towards each successful student enrolment.

Students can access the online resources at a minimum fee.

Being the partner, your students can enjoy the extra benefit of reduced fee for the learning portal.

No need to change your existing brandname.

If you’re already running the Abacus business under a different brandname, then you can continue with the same. Being an associate partner, you can still get the rights to access all online modules and verticals.

Co-branding the online learning

With this feature, your local name or logo will be displayed alongside with Wizycom AbacusMaster.

partners of wizycom worldwide

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