Education never goes out of style. Promote our products on your space and start making money with our associate / affiliate program. Biggest highlight of our program is that the end customer is also getting discount if they are referred by our associate.

We are proud to say that we provides the World’s first interactive Abacus learning portal along with many other value added brain development programs. As a known provider of quality driven Abacus Education, our online learning portal has huge demand and user database all over the World.

Why Join our associate program?

As an associate, you promote our products on your creative space, website, blog or youtube channel.

You can provide a special discount to your audience using a special coupon code.

If people purchase our products with the coupon code, you can earn attractive commission

What are the benefits of this associate program?

You will receive a referral commission of minimum of 10% and a maximum of 35% based on your referrals. The chart showing the referral commission is given in here.

What all ways I can associate with AbacusMaster?

You can promote our products across multiple websites, blogs, youtube channels, Facebook campaigns etc.

How can I verify my referrals, commission etc?

We provide a detailed associate website and login credentials to see all the successful referrals, commission you have earned, payment histories etc. Details of the students will not be given as it is treated as a confidential data.

Do students get any benefits if they have purchased the learning portal through my channel or website?

You can provide a 10% discount if the students are buying through your recommendation.

How much I can earn?

There is no limit. Higher the successful referrals, more earnings will be generated. We have different slab rates based on the successful referrals.

What does it cost me to become an Affiliate?

It does not cost you a thing, signup here, and it’s absolutely FREE.

How do you know if the sale is referred by me?

We provide special discount coupon, for eg. “YOURNAMESPECIAL”. If customer makes the purchase using this code, the sale will be marked against the corresponding associate.

  • High commission rates.
  • Easy to recommend as we have unique and exclusive products.
  • Associate Login to see all your referrals, money earned etc. -
  • Can access to our marketing materials.
  • Promotional assets and tools to help you.
  • Dedicated associate manager for easy communication.

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