Abacus mathematical calculations is considered to be one of the fastest way of doing calculations. AbacusMaster tutorial is an animated and interactive software which will help kids to learn abacus quickly and efficiently. This abacus software explains how to use an abacus in a simple way. This tutorial helps a kid to use abacus for doing abacus calculations mentally and is the best abacus software for kids. AbacusMaster's abacus visualization module and video practice session are the best abacus practice software which will help kids to improve their speed and accuracy on abacus.

Abacus is fun for kids

AbacusMaster's abacus classes are designed by professionals in this field and is fine tuned for fast abacus learning. In this abacus learning programme, we cover abacus addition, abacus subtraction, abacus multiplication and abacus division with many animated examples. Along with the above said topics, there is an abacus visualization practice which will improve kids imagination power and will help your kid to learn abacus calculation in a faster way. The video practice session will help kids to improve their speed and accuracy on abacus calculation.

Our learning program is moulded in such a way that one starts visualizing the complete movement of the beads corresponding to the mathematical steps. In our abacus mental math technique, a student can see the animated movement, can listen to Professional Audio steps and do the steps on real abacus. This method of learning abacus is much faster than the traditional way. The World is nothing without mathematics. If we don’t grasp the small things fast, you will never be able to climb up the ladder. Here, AbacusMaster is your ladder to an ease and efficient way to life. Its full of fun, entertainment and endless possibilities to mould you child into a smarter person.