Abacus syllabus is covered on the online learning curiculam

AbacusMaster Portal

Online Abacus learning with assistance

AbacusMaster’s Online Abacus Learning Portal is the first of it’s kind that is feature rich, well structured and highly engaging at the same time. Become an abacus expert with the aid of our intractive abacus portal.

Highlights of the Portal:

  • Topics covered including Abacus Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.
  • Animated illustrations with audio guidance.
  • Practice worksheets are embedded.
  • Abacus Rules are well explained.
  • Examination to test the student skills will be carried out after each level.
  • Certificates will be provided after the completion of Basic and Advanced Stage.
  • Anzan Videos are given for visualisation practice.
  • Tools (Mental Accelerator) to acquire counting speed.
  • Random worksheet generator tool to preview and print more unlimitted worksheets.
  • Recommended to use in desktops/ laptops.
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